Our infrastructure helps us to sustain our success by constantly enabling us to respond to the demands of our customers.

From raw forgings to ready-to-install components - our forgings meet the highest quality requirements for various applications. From the range of our forging equipment we select the most economic and efficient manufacturing processes for your products. Subsequently, we are able to satisfy almost all kinds of customer requirements in forging. We are pleased to advise you about the various combination possibilities of forging and machining at the most economic cost-performance-ratio.

Pneumatic Hammer 02 Ton - Massey
Pneumatic Hammer 01 Ton - Massey
02 Nos. Oil Fired Heating Furnace – Heating Capacity 3.5 Ton Each
04 Nos. Trolley Mounted Cranes – 10Ton Each
03 Nos. Hacksaw Machine
01 No. Bandsaw Machine
01 No. Plano Miller
01 No. Milling Machine
04 Lathe Machines
02 Shaper Machines